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Dancing and Singing Babies

Jacky's Changing Adventures

The Big Baby (Story Book)

Pooh and Friends Puzzle

Why baby boys should wear diapers!! (cartoon)

See the Comic Slideshow

Comic Slideshow page 2

Rugrat Comic Slideshow

Comic Books

Color on the Whiteboard, See the Art Gallery and Chat too!!

Ask the Magic 8 Ball a Question then click here!!!

Play Tic-Tac-Toe with Tommy!!!

Follow Simple Simon

Write a Story

Memory Game

Play Babyfood Flingshot!! (game)

Play Roaring Reptar Wagon Race!! (game)

More games from Nickelodeon

To play these game from Nickelodeon you can either download them to your computer,
or pick run this program from its current location and play.

Have fun!!

Click here to play Babyfood Flingshot!! Hit the monkeys not the Rugrats!!

Click here to play Roaring Reptar Wagon Race!!