Poems for Mommy

To my Mommy (baby's wants and needs)
Dear Mother
If It Wasn't For A Mother
A Mothers Love
Wind Beneath My Wings
The Other Mans Wife
Teach Me
A Precious Mother

~To my Mommy~
(baby's wants and needs)
by Jacky

Mommy yew iz always there for me.
Yew wipe away my tears when i iz sad,
Yew smile wiff me when me iz happy.
Mommy yew feed me when me iz hungry for food
an more importantly when me needs luv.
Mommy me kan never put in werds what yew doo for me.
Mommy yew give me unconditional luv when me iz badd,
an yew praise me when me iz good.
Mommy yew snuggle an cuddle wiff me
an gibs me the bestest huggs.
Mommy yew hold me an tukk me in every nite,
an keeps me safe.
Mommy yew gib me soo much.
Mommy yew iz always here for me,
an me wants to be wiff yew foreber.
Mommy me knows me will always luv yew
no matter what happens,
cuz whut yew doo me can never forgets it.
I luv yew soo much mommy.
luv jacky

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(by Jennifer)

Mother, youíre special,
Youíre sweet and youíre kind.
I always am happy,
When youíre on my mind.

Iíll love you forever,
Through good times and bad,
Iíll love you forever,
Through the happy and sad.

Mother, I love you,
I hope we donít part,
And I hope that this poem
Puts a song in your heart.

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~Dear Mother~
(by Jennifer)

I love you, Dear Mother,
With all of my heart,
You've been there forever
From the very start.

You've given me kindness,
Your love and advice,
How can I repay you,
For being so nice??

I love you so much,
You are not like another,
I'll love you forever,
'Cause you are my Mother!!

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If It Wasn't For A Mother
by: Terry Barnes

If it wasn't for a Mother
There would be no life on earth,
Thank God for His creation
For if not there would be no birth.

If it was't for a Mother
And just knowing she's always there,
What would life be worth
With out her love and care.

If it wasn't for a Mother
And the protection that they give,
Or their wise words that encourage
Life would be so much harder to live.

If it wasn't for a Mother
We would have no debt to pay,
Like the I.O.U's we owe to her
Until our dying day.

So let me thank you Mother
For all the kind things you do,
You make me so very proud
And Mother, "I Love You"

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A Mothers Love
Written By: Terry P. Barnes

A Mothers love is something
She may never hide,
It doesn't matter how angry she gets
Or the hurt she holds inside.

We all came from Mothers
Some hold resentment to that fact,
But down inside the Mothers heart
Her love has never lacked.

A Mothers love may be overbearing
Or at times doesn't seem enough,
She may be as gentle as a kitten at times
But then there's times she may get real tough.

A Mothers love involves decisions
Only a Mother can make,
Most of the time her choices are right
But then there's times she makes mistakes.

It seems the right choices are easily neglected
While the mistakes are never forgot,
In her mind at times there's a battle
In her heart it's a fight she's fought.

A Mothers love is forever thinking
Of her children near or far,
A Mothers love is always with you
Like twilight and a guiding star.

How can we not love Mothers
For they are our breath of air,
They were our warm protectors
Before life on earth we now share.

So I thank you Mom for bearing me
And everyday I thank our Father above,
For this privilege that we call life
And this gratitude of a Mothers love.

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Written By: Terry P. Barnes

Mom you're like an angel
Sent from up above,
With all your kindness, tenderness
And ever lasting love.

You have always looked after me
And taught me right from wrong,
And when I'm down or worried
It's always you that comes along.

You're not just Mom but a friend of mine
A friend I can't replace,
And everytime I think of you
All I see is your smiling face.

I thank you Mom for bearing me
And allowing me to see these times,
Because if it wasn't for you dear Mother
I could never write down these lines.....

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Wind Beneath My Wings
Written By: Terry P. Barnes

How may I express my thanks
To a dedicated Mother like you?
A woman with so much character
Personality and love so true.

For you're the wind beneath my wings
That has kept me flying high,
With out that support dear Mom
My goals would have certainly died.

All the effort I've put into life
Every heartache that I've come through,
I could have never possibly made it
Without the encouragement from you.

Who best do I rely upon
When crisis come my way?
Your the wind beneath my wings
So I may fly another day.

The times you have gone without
Because you felt I needed more,
There was always a smile to go with it
Never the closing of a door.

Your the wind beneath my wings
My angel from above,
God knew what He was doing
Whe He gave you the gift of love.

I would like to thank you Mom
From the bottom of my heart,
Thanks for guiding me through life
For everyday is a brand new start.

Tonight I'll say a prayer
Thank God for what He brings,
I'll say a special prayer for you
For your the wind beneath my wings...

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The Other Mans Wife
Written By: Terry P. Barnes

What would I do with out her
For she's one big part of my life,
This lady I'll love forever
This lady the other mans wife.

Many nights I've been in her arms
And she's forwever on my mind,
This lady, the other mans wife
A lady considerate and very kind.

When you need her she's always there
And she'll walk that extra mile,
When your down or feeling blue
She will pick you up with a genuine smile.

She loves to hear me whisper
"I love you " in her ear,
And when I kiss her tenderly
At times she sheds a tear.

This lady the other mans wife
Will forever be his lover,
He's proud of her for what she is
And I'm blessed that she's my Mother...

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Teach Me
Written By: Terry P.Barnes

Teach me how to walk
So I may choose the road,
That leads me to the future
Of competition I've been told.

Teach me how to think
Please educate my mind,
Show me right from wrong
And what is considered kind.

Teach me how to love
And understand the meaning,
So when the time arrives
My heart may accept the feeling.

Teach me how to hurt
And how to feel real pain,
Help me think before I speak
So others don't feel the same.

Teach me about compassion
Show me truth from lies,
Help me understand emotions
If I'm looking through swollen eyes.

Teach me about religion
And why people pray at night,
Assure me not to fear the dark
For the Lord will provide me light.

You must have heard me ask you Mom
The nine months I was safe and sound,
For you gave me life and taught me well
The lessons I may never have found.

Thank you for your teaching
Your guidance and your love,
Thank you for giving me life
With a whole lot of help from above.

I hope you're not dissapointed
How I turned out to be,
Thank you so much for responding
To those two little words, "teach me"

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A Precious Mother
by: Millie Scales

Mom You've given me so much,
Love from your heart and the warmth of your touch.

The gift of life and you're a friend to me.
We have a very Special Bond which only comes from God...I'm sure you agree

As a child I would say Mommy I Love You,
Now you're my Mother so dear I love you even more with each and every new year.

If I could had chosen, I would have picked no other.
Than for you ... to be my lifelong friend and Precious Mother.

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