Wavs and Sounds

Download some of the Wavs and Sounds I have collected.

AOL people did you know you can play these sounds in the chat room???
To play sounds in AOL chat rooms just download them to your AOL directory then when you are in the chat room type {S filename
Why not give it a try in the AOL Diaper Chatroom!!!

gotmail Replacement sound for "You got mail!!
babyboy Hello my wonderful sweet baby boy!!!
sameroom Everybod I love is in the same room!!!
hello Hello there!
hellobaby Hellllloooo Baaaaaaaaaby!!
HellohowRya Hello baby...How ya been?
hellomybaby Hello my baby, hello my honey!
missedya Where ya been???  I missed ya!!!!
brudderpoo That's my brudder over there!!!.... I see you!!!...High five Brudderpoo!!
sissypoo That's my sissy over there!!!.... I see you!!!...Hi Sissypoo!!
icu I see you!!
iwuvyou I wuv you!
iwuvyou2 I wuv you too!!
yoursweet Hey baby, you're sweet!
bedtime It's my bedtime.....Nite nite
mommycalling I Gotta go my Mommy is calling!
okluvya Okay, I love you, Bye Bye!
buhbye Buh bye
wantmom I want MY MOM!
babysleep Babies need a lot of sleep!
wearebabies We are the babies!!!!
nitenite nite nite!
gottaluvme I'm the baby gotta luv me.
somebods I wanna be somebod's baby
babysroom It SMELLLLS  !! like a babies room in here!!
badword Awwwwwww.........You said a BAD word!!!!.
cranky You're CRANKY. And you need a nap!!
poorbaby Poor Baby!
sweetbaby My sweet baby!!  Little baby I love you!
gonnacry You're gonna make me cry
cry Wahhhhhhhhh!
giggle baby giggles
giggle2 baby giggles
bringenough Did you bring enough diapers and a bottle??
sexydiaper You know, you look reallllll sexy in those diapers!!
hangondipies Hang on to your dipies baby!!
luvsdiapers He really likes diapers...yea he must not be potty trained
diaperchange Time for a diaper change!
diaperrash I got diaper rash and it doesn't bother me!!
diaper4ever I'm gonna wear my diapers forever!
huggies I'll be taking these Huggies and..uhh...whatever cash you got
foolaround There are some things EVEN a baby shouldn't fool around with!
pout FINE!...I'll just go over here and sit in the corner and pout
promise I won't ever do it again!!.......I promise!!
somethinnice If you can't say something nice......Don't say nothin' at all!!
ashamed you 'auta be ashamed of yourself!!!
gotmilk Got Milk?
moremilk I gotta have more milk!!
sponsibilities I got 'sponsibilities now, that means I'm not allowed to have fun anymore
CHANGEYOU Thats Great sir. Just one question? I don't have to change you after you make a poo poo??
DIAPTOWORK My son...He's gonna be taking diapers to work with him in his briefcase!!
DIAPSCARED What's the matter?? Little baby scared to be with out his diapers??
NEVERAGAIN I'm never gonna use that potty again!!
NOTRAINED I just don't wanna be potty trained that's all!!
PAMPERus Their gonna PAMPER us!!
WETMYBED You know I...Still wet my bed!
wishbottle I wish I had a bottle.
SUCKER4PAMPS I've always been a sucker for a guy in Pampers.
changdia Oooohhhh... your diaper needs changing my little bamboo shoot!!
greatday Its a great day to be with you!....(whole song)
3yearold Your my hunnybunch, sugarplum.....(whole song)
lullabywav Brahms Lullaby in wav
lullabymid Brahms Lullaby in midi
egaoorg The music on this my page.
The Toddler Song.mp3 By Sean Morey
Saggy Diaper Blues.mp3 By Da Vinci's Notebook
adult_baby.mp3 By Chris Parsley
diapers.mp3 By Chris Parsley
doody_in_the_dark.mp3 By Chris Parsley
The_Diaper_Song.mp3 By Baby Bri
  Hypnosis Tapes
BabyTime.mp3 After listening to this file the listener will spend 20 minutes as a helpless baby and then return to being themselves. They will have full memory of their time as a baby.
Baby.mp3 Hypnosis Tape - Feel like a baby, act like a baby, uncontrollably wet or mess diapers whenever appropriate.