An AB's Guide to Interpreting their Natal Sun Sign

ARIES (March 20 - April 19)

The Aries AB will be assertive and independent, seeking new experiences in the comfort of a secure framework of babyhood as a means to learning about his inner self. When he was a tiny baby, this one's wants and needs were voiced loudly and clearly; and he can't be expected to be much different as an Adult Baby. He is energetic, and has a strong physical need to be both active and sexual. Everything excites this type of baby, from loud sounds, lurid colors to strong or peppery food tastes. He was so precocious and anxious to take the next developmental steps as a baby that he missed the process of maturing his subconscious from the baby level. As his caregiver, you can help him the most by providing a safe haven where he can focus his baby needs and energy constructively. As an Aries, he will have a tendency to leave things half-completed and lack understanding that other babies have feelings as well. Foster his social growth by sponsoring AB activities with other adult babies.

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

The Taurus AB thrives on affection and creature comforts; such as soft flannel or cotton diapers, a comfortable onesie as well as a loving mommy's or daddy's caresses. These are the sorts of things that must be provided to make this type of AB to feel serene and content. The gentle, loving touch of his caregiver as well as tasty, nourishing foods and soft, fluffy baby clothes play important parts of this baby's sensorium. Baby powder will smell like a waft of Heavenly perfume to this type of AB. Unless his physical needs to be comforted with food, clothing and caresses are met consistently, he will feel insecure. Like a little bull, he needs a quiet milieu with daily routines so he knows just which path to plod down as is drawn out of his crib each morning to eat, play and take a nap.

But just like an adult bull, this baby can be headstrong and determined if he sees something he wants to do or he thinks he needs to have which his caregiver refuses him. It is dangerous to attempt to herd bulls, so let your AB explore his baby world at his own pace. Taurean ABs are practical and productive in their adult side, so there is little need to worry about him becoming so lazy and dependent that he quits his job to be a full-time baby..If you wish to sway him, allow him to make his own decisions and reward those results that please you. Even though his adult side is practical, his baby side may want to spend too much money on AB furnishings and clothes, so his caregiver should give him guidance. It's highly likely that your baby will still have tattered mementos of his babyhood, like a worn-out old blankie or stuffed Bear. There is nothing you can do to stop this attachment to things past, so don't waste your effort. His mementos are the keys to his emotional security. They are the material evidence that he has some security in life. Since the love and nurturing care of his caretaker is his primary preoccupation; the best approach to making him happy is simply to love him sincerely with all of your heart.

GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

  • Favorite phrase: "I'm bored"

  • Good Points: Versatile, clever, intellectual, spontaneous

  • Bad Points: Restless, inconsistent, changeable

A Gemini AB is mentally alert, responsive, and has the ability to be incredibly entertaining. Gemini's are social creatures whose curiosity and adaptability make them wonderfully adept at making friends and enchanting their caregivers. However, it should be noted that Gemini ABs often use their social skills to cover up an underlying sense of insecurity. These babies need to have flexible caregivers since the dual nature of the Gemini will cause them to want to change their daily routines, foods and preferences at random intervals. Unless the television program is of a suitably young nature, i.e., the "Teletubies", focus your baby's attention on a soothing bedtime story told by yourself. These babies need a quiet hour before "nite-nite" more than any other baby in the Zodiac! Relax when your baby scatters his toys all over the living room or nursery floor during his "quiet time". His little baby mind is so active that it is hard for him to concentrate and play with one toy at a time. He can pick up his nursery in the morning after breakfast and before his morning nap. Be careful of which behaviors you permit or reward, because the clever Gemini is very often tricky and mischievous. Set firm rules for your AB and remind him often of the consequences that come naughty behavior. Reward honesty.

CANCER (June 21-July 22)

  • Favorite phrase: "Love me, hug me, kiss me!"

  • Good Points: Sensitive, kind, loving, protective, sympathetic

  • Bad Points: Moody, over-emotional, hypersensitive

  • The caretaker of a Cancer AB is lucky indeed! Of all the Sun signs in the Zodiac, the Cancer AB is most like a real baby! A Cancer AB is sweet, loving, and responsive to his caretaker's feelings. Mothering ABs like this seems only natural. And just like little babies, they are extremely sensitive, imaginative (sometimes fearful as well) and have the acute sensitivity of a per-verbal baby for his mother's or daddy's feelings. They form strong emotional bonds to their caretakers just as if they were infants in arms. This hypersensitivity can prove a threat when the AB goes out into the adult world. His feelings will be hurt and often wounded by seemingly innocent events around him. He can become very upset if his adult world seems to take on a negative aspect. Cuddling and holding an AB like this when he is safe at home in his baby mode will help him survive the daily trauma of an adult world. Don't hesitate to be firm with him if necessary, Cancer ABs need structure and guidelines from a loving authority figure.

    LEO (July 23 - August 22)

    • Favorite phrase: "I'm the boss!"

    • Good Points: Generous, kind, loyal, fun-loving, broadminded

    • Bad Points: Conceited, bossy, too proud

    Leo ABs need to feel special as they look back at their caretakers for applause and appreciation when he does something that's baby-cute!. If this AB feels like he loved and adored, he gushes with the exuberance and warmth of life itself. Even thought they are in diapers, Leo ABs exude a sense of confidence and self-respect which is infectious. They are the natural leaders in the nursery and cannot help but rise above their role as a AB to take command. The negative side of their personality is that they can be demanding, selfish and uninterested in making the kind of compromise that most babies are willing to make at a young age. Their caretakers need to take a firm hand and allow all the other babies in the nursery to have a chance to play and express themselves too while maintaining the ego of the Leo AB. Be sympathetic and understanding of your little one's needs rather than ignoring him, otherwise, the lion cub will roar his anger in defiance until he's gotten your complete attention. Being a proud little lion, his feelings can be demolished easily if you point out his errors too quickly and too often. A Leo AB needs gentleness from his caretaker to help him feel proud of himself and his accomplishments.

    VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)

  • Favorite phrase: "Do It My Way"

  • Good Points: Intelligent, tidy, alert, perfectionist

  • Bad Points: Fussy, over-meticulous, a born worrier

  • Virgo ABs are curious, logical, analytical, observant, bright, alert to changes in patterns, picky, judgmental and tend to adopt very strict rules for how they and others should behave. They tend to vacillate between being the nursery's behavioral Fascist and resident critic to a role of the clinical outsider who is divorced from the crowd. These ABs require the routines of a military school and are only happy when the schedule has been set and everyone, most especially his caregiver, operates within the rules. Obsessive-compulsive behavior is common among Virgo ABs. They want their ba-ba, binkie, blankie, and teddy "just-so" every night in their crib. When fed, the peas have to be in a certain spot on their baby plate and no other. Their AB fantasies are extremely detailed and unforgiving. The caretaker is expected to execute the unspoken script of their fantasies. If criticized at work in their adult mode, they have a tendency to succumb to depression. Since they obey the "rules" perfectly and always feel that they are in the right, they can't understand just how anyone would ever criticize them. Virgo ABs are enamoured of the idea of a static Universe; and cannot emotionally understand why the perfect world of their babyhood should have changed when they were such a darling baby. On ;the other hand, in their adult mode, these babies make perfect auditors, bookkeepers, lab technicians and any profession or work which requires high attention to detail. They are generally successful as adults, but as ABs, they need a structured, loving, non-critical home environment to survive. Because their bodies are hyper-stressed by their overactive minds, due diligence must be exercised by their caretakers to insure that they eat right and get enough sleep. These babies should have their activities directed by their caretaker into positive pleasant daily experiences after a day as an adult, because they are prone to anxiety and worry.

    LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)

  • Favorite phrase: "I Can't Make Up My Mind"

  • Good Points: Charming, easy-going, friendly, loving

  • Bad Points: Indecisive, changeable, extravagant, naive

  • The soul- energizing flow of loving energy from the caretaker provides security for Libra AB. This AB is eager to please his caregiver and will do everything within his power to stay within his caretaker's rules. Beware thought, this AB has a tendency to adopt the rules from other ABs caretakers or make up rules that he thinks should be followed by "Good Babies". It is especially important to make decisions for Libra ABs because they are easily bewildered by choices and need to be guided to a resolution to each decision. This is NOT a baby to take to a restaurant and ask what he wants! You could be waiting all night for him to make a decision! Make the decision about the meal before you take him out and be firm unless he throws a tantrum. Compromise if necessary, but only before you leave the house. This type of AB will expect you devise some pleasing menu every night if you give him that expectation. As far as he is concerned, you are the cook, so you should be prepared to delight him with new creations every night. Libra ABs are highly sensitive to tones of voice and expressions on the caregiver's face and will react negatively to anything that appears abnormal or as critical from their caregivers. Libra's have their own truths and ways of appreciating beauty and music. Libran ABs have a natural predilection towards the arts in all its forms; the movies, the theater, music, art, and happily-ever-after stories lovingly related to them by their caretakers.

    SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)

  • Favorite phrase: "That's my secret!"

  • Good Points: Determined, powerful, emotional, strong

  • Bad Points: Secretive, jealous, stubborn

  • Scorpio ABs can be devious, deceptive and downright nasty if they are betrayed or crossed in any manner. On the other hand, they can be very loyal babies with a deep intuition about the meaning of life, death and sex. Since an AB is by nature, non-commutative in the philosophical sense, don't try to engage him in such discussions while he's in a baby mode. Hiding anything from him (like presents or a surprise party) will prove next to impossible for the caregiver. Worse - he will intuit you feelings even if you attempt to hide them. Try to win you ABs cooperation with your sincere love and trust for him. He'll recognize your feelings and trust you in return. This Sun Sign is indicative of an AB who can harbor grudges, and who will fight to the "bitter end" for what he wants. If you've denied him unduly, he'll never let you forget it! This sort of baby has a very high potential for "willfulness" and opposition to authority. Once you are on his "bad baby" side, he will never forget the betrayal of his trust in you as his baby caretaker and will forever harbor resentment against you. In the final analysis, he might seek some sort of revenge for your imagined misdeeds!

    SAGITTARIUS (November 22- December 20)

  • Favorite phrase: "I understand"

  • Good Points: Optimistic, loving, sincere, honest

  • Bad Points: Restless, careless, unreliable, unpredictable

  • A Sagittarian AB won't want to miss out on anything! This the sort of AB who is ready at any time to jump into his flashy convertible sports car wearing nothing but a disposable diaper and take a baby joy-ride down life's highway with a baby bottle in hand! The Sagittarian AB is an inborn optimist who is filled with enthusiasm for his baby role as well as his adult life! Freedom is his guiding spirit, which makes him both inquisitive and restless. No law, nor society's mores can confine his liberated soul. Their capacity for baby games are limitless, sometimes leading to exhaustion of their caretakers and babysitters. A good caretaker will be firm with this sort of baby, because his tendency to "exceed the limits" and his inability to accept "no" or "can't" makes him dangerous to himself and his caretaker if he is not taken firmly in hand. Life is pleasant and easy for this type of AB and he generally finds success both as an adult and an AB.

    CAPRICORN (December 21 - January 19)

    • Favorite phrase: "I'm all grown up"

    • Good Points: Trustworthy, intelligent, disciplined, ambitious

    • Bad Points: Conventional, critical, over-cautious, fussy

    Gaze deeply into the adult eyes of your Capricorn baby and you'll see an ancient soul with the profound innocence of a newborn babe. A deep sense of responsibility is the dominant characteristic of a Capricorn and causes the cognitive dissonance which leads an AB to have the dual life as an adult and a baby. In fact, their urge to grow up and take charge interfered with their natural passage through of babyhood to childhood, leaving them sorrowing for their lost babyhood for the rest of their lives.

    Capricorn babies need daily structure in their lives to give them a feeling of security so the caregiver shouldn't hesitate to set up regular times for baby's dinner, bath, and quiet time before it's time for him to go nite-nite. Even though he or she wants to be a helpful baby, don't push this baby to grow up until he or she has lost his or her need for diapers and the loving security of babyhood. Capricorn babies need to be taught how wonderful it feels to be comforted, held and touched by their mommy, daddy or babysitter. Try to encourage your baby to relax, laugh, and bask in the glory of being a simple baby again. A Capricorn baby loves to feel like he's pleasing everyone even if he's only wearing and wetting diapers at home in front of Mommy. If he's having any problems with his adult life, he will need the love and reassurance that his baby side gives him all the more. His baby play is so intense that it sometimes appears contrived. Baby Capricorns tend to be somewhat wayward and headstrong at times, so his caretaker must teach him self-discipline in a loving, but firm manner.

    AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 17)

    • Favorite phrase: "Look at ME"

    • Good Points: Independant, friendly, creative, original, loyal

    • Bad Points: Rebellious, unconventional, unpredictable

    Aquarian babies are delights to a parent or babysitter who can accept his free spirited nature and high intelligence. It's impossible to force the spirit of an Aquarian into a preselected pattern, so don't waste your time trying. Every Aquarian Adult Baby is unique unto him or herself.

    The natural paths of childhood development don't apply to them; rather, they mature in unusual spurts that leave them wondering what happened to the serenity and love of their babyhood. As infants, they thrived on visual and tactile stimuli, mommy's surprises as well as unexpected changes in their lives and they are no different as adult babies. They are not particularly happy in a daily routine, preferring to observe the world from the safety of their diapers and their caretaker's love. But the unique mental perspective of being an adult baby often creates feelings of isolation and loneliness, leading to depression, so the caregiver must be especially careful to help his or her baby find their way in the bewildering world of being an AB. Social interactions and friendships are very important to any Aquarian, especially ABs. Help them find other ABs to talk and play with and they will be eternally grateful.

    PISCES (February 18-March 19)

  • Favorite phrase: "I believe in..."

  • Good Points: Sensitive, compassionate, kind, intuitive

  • Bad Points: Indecisive, vague, easily confused

  • The Piscis adult baby is hypersensitive and more than a little psychic. As such, they require a tremendous amount of love, care, and closeness from his caregiver in order to feel secure. As an adult, your baby's psyche is vulnerable to the vibrations of everything and everyone, which can prove to be overwhelming for his adult mind, necessitating a daily withdrawal into the security of babyhood on a regular basis. If the baby's needs for escape into the loving arms of his caretaker aren't met, there may be a tendency for him to withdraw, escape, or even become ill as a reaction his empathic nature. A Pisces baby lives in his own dream world, and will sometimes surprise you with his profound insights caused by his innate empathy and overpowering link to the time before his birth. He will have a startling imagination that thrives on AB or AR stories as well as creative age roleplay. Pisces ABs need order, structure, and assistance in setting goals from their caretakers. It is not unusual for them to underestimate their own powers while idealizing and magnifying the personal powers of others around them. Be a good parent/babysitter and encourage communication between you and your baby.


    Some of the illustrations used on this page are from the Othmar Wicke's colection ( All rights reserved.