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We exist to serve the AB community as a whole without discriminating against anyone for their race, creed, color, sex or sexual orientation. The major contributors to this website, Babylover and Mama Jenn, are real mommies who wish to provide a wholesome and pleasing atmosphere for Adult Babies to learn and play. Since this is a site for babies, albeit superannuated, neither pornography nor profane language will be tolerated nor espoused. This site is dedicated to maintaining the ideal of infantine innocence within a cloak of a mother's warmhearted, all-forgiving love and affection for those adults who need to take a vacation from their adult worries, troubles and responsibilities by becoming innocent babies again for a short time. Ours is a site of acceptance and maternal love rather than of punishment and domination. As mothers, we want our babies to have fun as well as to learn and grow intellectually. We don't expect that our babies will ever be out of diapers, but we are pleased to help them navigate the rocky path to self-acceptance and inner peace with themselves. We are mommies who want to help, protect, amuse and solace all of our babies, especially those babies who have become so large that no one else will listen to them as babies and deal with their baby needs. As mommies our message to Adult Babies is that we love and care for each and every one of you, no matter who you are! You are all our babies who can come to us for our advice, protection and maternal love!"

We want to say a special thanks to all you wonderful ABs that have given this page such high reviews and ratings. It is really nice to see that our hard work and effort is being appreciated and enjoyed.

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