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Mama Jenn is pleased to announce her newest offering to her fans...
Welcome to Mama Jenn's AB Fantasy Dream Land

As Mama Jenn's readers are undoubtedly aware, there are a number of phone Mommies they can call to have a woman whisper sweet nothings in their ears and talk to them as if they were real babies. (See Mama Jenn's article on "How to Find a Babysitter for an Adult Baby" for phone numbers.) Professional phone mommies fill an emotional need by allowing an AB to interact with another live human over the phone. The downside to using their services is that they can be expensive, are often dull, unimaginative and repetitive. Phone mommies can also lack understanding of what an AB needs to hear. There is also a distinct danger that family members will become aware of calls to mommy services when see the telephone bill. In the final analysis, the expense as well as the lack of security and story inventiveness makes most ABs shun the services of phone mommies. After all, phone mommies cannot be expected to be Scheherazades who will spin new AB or AR tales for a "Thousand and One Arabian Nights" to delight ABs for mere money!

Mama Jenn, however, who is otherwise known as Jennifer Loraine, is an experienced fiction writer who is widely considered to be one of the best AR and AB authors on the Internet. Security is high because your name or email address won't be posted with the fantasy. The cost is as low as it can get because it's free! (If you need help on constructing a fantasy see Mama Jenn's article
"Pre-approved Fantasy Themes and Ideas".)

Mama Jenn wishes to help her beloved little babies by writing extremely short bedtime stories and fantasies to match her babies' needs for goodly daydreams and sweet bedtime thoughts.

Mama Jenn's AB Fantasy Dream Land Request Rules

1.) Mama Jenn is the wife/mother of an AB, not a professional mistress or courtesan! Inappropriate or pornographic fantasies will not be considered. Neither will fantasies involving adult sex, child-to-child sex, profanity, B&D, S&M. water sports, pedophilia, excessive cruelty or humiliation, male domination or female domination role other than that of a Mother, Daddy or babysitter to a little baby be considered. Age regression themes are encouraged, as stories of this sub-genre of Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction are Mama Jenn's specialty and come under the genre of legitimate literature. The subject matter of the fantasy vignettes (very short stories) lies entirely within Mama Jenn's discretion and no notice will be given or returned to the requestor of an unacceptable fantasy request. Since Mama Jenn's time is limited, higher priority will be given to fantasies that she deems will be more popular to her AB audience or have an age regression theme that Mama wishes to explore in the literary sense. Remember to treat Mama Jenn with the same respect that you would your own Mommy. Before you send her a fantasy, ask yourself, would I ask my (AB) Mommy or Daddy to tell me a story like this? Mama Jenn is another baby's Mommy who's willing to write fantasy vignettes to please her audience's need for short nite-nite stories.

2.) Mama Jenn retains sole literary rights and copyrights to all of her stories and vignettes. Any fantasy request posted to her via the form on her AB Fantasy Land page will be deemed to be donated material to be used in the creation of a fantasy. No part of any of her stories or vignettes may be copied, in whole or in part, by electronic means or otherwise for publication without her express consent. Commercial use of her stories or vignettes in any form is expressly forbidden.

Hugs and Kisses to all of Mama Jenn's adorable adult babies, who and wherever you are! Mama Jenn

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