Horns or Halos?

How Should a Baby Make A Decision?

Does Mommy's Little Baby Have Tiny Horns or a Golden Halo? Here Are Some Questions to Help Babies Decide Whether They Are Being Naughty or Good

If a baby boy or girl needs to make a decision without Mommy, he or she should ask these questions before he or she does something Mommy won't like. Remember, baby boys and girls can get sore bottoms even if they don't have dydee rash! Especially after they've been caught being naughty!


1) Are you planning something that will make your Mommy happy or proud?

* A GOOD baby would answer "yes"!


2) Did your Mommy say it was okay before you thought of it? Did she say it was okay to do before?

* If Mommy already said it was okay, then it isn't naughty!


3) If Mommy asks me a question, do I answer truthfully right away?

* NAUGHTY babies might pretend not to hear her, change the subject, or give a partially true answer to avoid answering mommy.


4) Has mommy made any rules about this? Would I break a rule by doing this?

* If the answer is, "I'm only bending the rules a little!" or "She didn't specifically tell me NOT to do it!", then baby is probably thinking of something naughty.


 5) Did baby do something or does baby know something that he should tell Mommy about?

* If you don't tell her, or only partly tell her, you are probably being naughty.


 6) Does baby think that Mommy might want to hear about your idea first, BEFORE you do it? Are you afraid she might say "no"?

* If your answer is "yes" and you don't wait for her to come home, you're being naughty.


 7) Did Baby tell Mommy the truth? The whole truth? and nothing but the truth??

* If not, that is a lie and a telling a lie is very naughty.


 This last question is for both babies with horns and with halos and is the most important to remember:

8) Will your Mommy love you even when you are naughty?

* CERTAINLY, Sweetheart! Love is what Mommies are all about! Good or Naughty Mommy will always love you! However... That doesn't mean you should be naughty. You should always be mommy's good little baby boy or girl and do what you are suppose to do.