How to Find a Babysitter for an Adult Baby

NOTE: Babyland makes no guarantee and cannot assume any legal, financial or any other responsibility for interactions between Babysitters listed on this page and anyone who contacts them for babysitting services. The babysitters, Mommies, Daddies and nannies are listed on this page only as a service to the Adult Baby community.

Finding a babysitter for an AB is tedious and time consuming, but not impossible task. Professional sitter services, especially those who advertise that they will sit for the elderly or adults are your best bet. Nursing agencies that offer at home nursing services are your next best avenue of approach. The idea is to get a "professional" of from either the Heath Services industry or from the Babysitting community or (the least desirable source) from professional dominatrixes. Carefully explain exactly what services that you will need from your sitter. (see form below for what sitters like to know) Quietly emphasize in a reasonable manner that you need nursing or babysitting services and have no interest in "Adult Services". If questioned, explain that you don't expect sexual services, but that you are completely incontinent and have psychologically "adjusted" to your lack of bladder and bowel control by roleplaying a baby - complete with bottle feedings. Explain that you are ambulatory and are able to walk and give your babysitter or nurse help in your care.

Sometimes it can be helpful to mention that your psychiatrist has recommended roleplaying as a means of accepting your helpless (completely incontinent) condition. Health care professionals are particularly susceptible to this approach if you are honest at the outset. They are used to dealing with wet and dirty diapers when caring for incontinent elderly patients and are not very surprised if a man has an erection during a diaper change. Sometimes it's useful to have a woman (your real mother, your wife or girlfriend or a female friend) make the phone calls for you as a "concerned" family member or friend. Under no circumstances> should you misrepresent your needs or tell them that you are a real baby to be cared for. Misrepresentation of the situation could lead to your arrest. Be honest and prepared to make a lot of phone calls!

Of course, if there is an AB babysitter in your area, he or she might be the perfect solution. Advertising on AB want ads such as the one on our page might help too; especially if you can't afford the high fees that professionals charge.

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The demand for local babysitters far exceeds the supply. If you are a babysitter who would like to babysit ABs, email your Babysitter name, your city and state as well as your preferred email address. If you have Adult-sized baby furnishings and an established rate, we would be happy to post that information as well. If you would like your name removed from this list you can also let us know here.

Email me with the following info at

Babysitter name:

City and State:



Your Email:


Additional Info:

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Mommies,Daddies, Nanny's, Babysitters, and Mistresses who have Websites

The following are weblinks to men and women who advertise on the Web that they catering to or are willing to babysit Adult Babies. It is legal to advertise such services because they are not sexual services and do not constitute prostitution. Although some of the women listed are "Professional dominatrixes", not all those listed fall into that category. Please check their Website first for their rules, fees or forms. All of them are alike in one respect; they don't offer sexual services, so don't ask. Click on the name to go to their websites.







Auntie Kimi
added 3/13/18 **
Denver, Colorado $250 per hour at Auntie Kimi's Nursery; $300 per hour for travel sessions Hello my sweet, little ones! I can't wait to spend some quality time with you in my private nursery in Colorado or I can travel to you!!
Auntie Sandy
added 2/17/19 ***
Hot Springs Arkansas 501-My-Sandy $180/hr
$280 2/hrs $380 3/hrs
$500 Netflix and Chill 4/hrs
$900 Sleep Over 10/hr
I've been a mommy awhile, dressing my babies up in bobbie socks and diapers before I bend them over my knee and spank their bottoms red, as they cry, they wet their diaper that I have to change and powder then fresh again, along with a good breast suckling while I pat their puggy diaper for nap time.
Little Baby Boo Nursery (Mommy Boo, Mama Buttercup, Ms Mommy Black, & Miss Icy)
added 7/23/19 **
Palmdale, CA (Los Angeles County) DIPR-4-MOMMY Visit website for rates Nestled in the desert of Los Angeles County, Little Baby Boo Nursery offers babysitting services for adult babies, adult diaper lovers, and littles in a cozy, relaxing home setting. They have two distinct nurseries within the facility and four Caregivers who specialize in certain types of play. The Little Baby Boo Nursery is for sweet cuddles and love, while the Black Nursery is for adult babies who need extra discipline.

Little Baby Boo Nursery hosts play dates and play parties in the nursery and offers play dates virtually via telephone, messaging, or video chat. Retail space is coming soon. For more information visit today!
added 9/2/20 *
Arlington, Texas 702-623-5483 $60 an hour for wet diapers, $80 an hour for wet and messy diapers. I have an adult sized crib and lots of diapers.
Miss Sascha
added 8/17/22 ****
Vancouver, BC 289 434-1364 $200-400/hr A compassionate and nurturing mommy and babysitter. I have a passion for guiding little's to their fullest potential whether that be through play, outings, spankings, feminization, diapering or cuddling. I host in my downtown Vancouver apartment.
Mommy B
added 10/4/21 *
Vancouver, WA $120/hr Sessions at my home or yours. Diapers, and various accoutrements on site but not ABDL furniture (yet.) Please feel free to inquire for additional details.
Mommy Bossa and Little Lottie
added 10/4/19 **
Cumming, GA $100-$200/hr, $800-$1500/overnight The most fun Nursery and Academy in the US! "An Adventure for Littles, Middles, Switches, and Bitches!"
Mommy Domme
added 5/29/13
Greater Vancouver, B.C., Canada $150 for first hour, $100 thereafter. Sessions over 4 hours to be negotiated. $1.49 per minute for phone sessions. I have a large house with its own nursery as well as other play areas like a dungeon, medical room, school room and isolation room. I enjoy both BDSM and non-BDSM forms of AB/DL play.
Mommy Elena
added 11/29/21 ****
Syracuse, New York NA $240/hour for first 2 hours - $100/hour for each additional I have toys, books, diapers, bottles, pacifiers, some sissy clothes and some furniture (changing table / blow-up crib). And if necessary, I have several paddles.
Mommy Madeline Chicago, IL, USA N/A See Web Site Rates Page Amazingly-equipped adult nursery
Ms. Ava Durga
added 4/3/2018 ***
Fort Lauderdale, Miami, West Palm Beach, FL 954-868-3871 $175 for first hour, reduced for additional hours. Fee quoted individually based on baby's needs. Attractive and mature professional female. Cozy, clean domestic setting with limited AB furnishings. Will travel or visit AB's home for extra fee. Prefer boys or transgirls. Gay/straight okay. Screening required.
Mummy Bella
added 6/5/13
Gravesend, Kent, UK 0771-783-9348 £70 per hour incalls. £100 per hour outcalls. All bookings over 3 hours will have big discounts. I am a very loving mummy who will fulfill all adultbaby needs. I will feed you, bathe you, give you a bottle as I as cuddle you and love you unconditionally. I only change wet nappies but I will clean and pamper your bottom with lotion, talc and a soft terry nappy or disposable nappy. I have a fully equipped nursey with a cot, playmats, mobiles, changing unit, toys, and lots of adult baby clothes and accessories.
Mummy Eloise
added 6/5/14
Iver, Bucks- near Heathrow 07977669506 £100 per hour Mummy and Daddy service for £150 per hour.
Mummy Maxine
added 12/29/2007
Portsmouth, Hampshire, England 0796-049-4802 PER HOUR
for 12 Hours
for 24 Hours
Looks after good and naughty babies. Has full size adult cot and high chair, full range of Baby clothes (Girl and Boy), Changes wet or messy nappies.
Nanny Grace Marshall
added 7/29/18 ***
Orlando, FL (863) 825-5592 $150/hour I offer special attention to all of the littles and adult babies under my care. The Garden Patch Nursery is growing slowly but surely. I have lots of diapers, board books, and coloring books. We can have a dedicated scene planned out or you can just drift off into littlespace while we watch cartoons. I also offer discrete public outings to places like the zoo or the movie theater. Check out my website for more information.
Nanny Luna
added 8/6/13
London- United Kingdom +44 (0) 7850 230 434 £160 Spanish Nanny Luna runs the cosiest Nursery in Central London & UK. Fully equipped Adult Baby Nursery. The Nursery is open 7 days a week ,baby sittings are taken from 10am to late night. Overnight and weekends are also available. See website for more info.
Nanny Nanc Toronto, Canada    
Nanny Prudence
added 12/23/14 ***
Brighton and visits London and Leeds UK 07789 513969 £150 per hour. I am a Domme but am leaning more and more to the ABDL scene. I love roleplay and can be your Mummy, Nanny, Nurse or Babysitter. I am kinky, fun, loving and tactile. I have a domestic setting in Brighton and London, no baby furniture as yet but all the basic things a baby needs. See Website for more info.
Mummy Sue
added 10/6/16 *
Close to Weston Super Mare, Somerset 4 hours for £150
8 days and 7 nights for £750
Check Site for more pricing details
I spend my time with you from 9 am to 9 pm, (when you go to bed everyday.) That's up to 12 hours a day! Your stay includeds, All meals, Nappys- both terry and disposable, Being changed when necessary. Reading a story to you at bedtime. Activities with mummy. Baths. Special requests. See website for more info.

  Mommies,Daddies, Nanny's, and Babysitters without Websites







Abby New York City Area $30-$50 an hour - $300.00 per day - 4hr minimum. 7 hr per day maximum. Professional Mommy. All AB's welcome to email. Prefer male AB's. Will go to AB's home. Gay/bi/straight/CD/welcome. Weekends can be arranged. Available for full week care. Will travel, but prefer NYC area.
added 4/21/16
Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois 586-215-0658 $20 an hour Availability any day. Baby's house or hotel only.
added 6/12/19*
Lehigh Valley Area, Pennsylvania 484-269-0970 100/hr in person sessions; 75/hr Zoom sessions; 50/hr phone sessions Please text or email with your first name and what you are looking for in a babysitter and I will get back to you ASAP.
Bobby and June Calgary, Alberta, Canada $500 Cdn. min. for 4 hour evening
$700 Cdn. min for 12 hour overnight
Executive ABDL Nanny and Sitter Services
(Mommy and or Daddy with optional extra sitter M or F - 2 attendant minimum)
Pay Pal Deposit Required
added 1/16/17 ***
Toronto, Ontario, Canada $50 an hour Loving and caring babysitter here! I play games, read stories, sing lullabies, change diapers (wet and soiled), fed, bath, and give lots of cuddles. If you prefer outings and/or mild forms of discipline (we can discuss). Only available for outcalls, for the time being. I love all babies in the rainbow, but just in case it may matter, I am a Black babysitter.
Cathy Ann Madison Heightes, MI (248) 541-7682   $100/Hour (2 Hour minimum)
$350 for a full Day
I am not an AB but I do take care of one. female sitter, gay/straight
okay, professional.
Char Charlotte, NC and/or surrounding areas $30-$50 per hour Professional ABDL Sitter available for your needs..anymore information can be requested. Paypal deposit required.
added 2/8/08
Essex/London, England 0785-977-2297 per hour
weekend (friday pm to Sunday pm)
Daddy visits you and baby sits you, changes you, feeds you, treating you like a baby that you know you are. males and females welcome.
Daddy Ben
added 7/31/14 **
Southern California $50/hr - 4hr min, $350/full day (8hrs), $1000/overnight (24hrs), +travel expenses if more than 60 miles away, Dirty diapers $20 per change, Wet diapers free. -first 5 clients receive 20% discount! I am male, 33 yrs old. I can fill the role of daddy, older brother, uncle, or nanny - gentle caretaker or strict disciplinarian. I can also be an AB companion. I come to your home or hotel room to care for you. You provide diapers, wipes, toys, bottles, food, etc. Public outings can be done at your discretion. I welcome clients of all colors, creeds, sizes, and shapes, genders, and orientations. Absolutely NO sexual acts will be performed by me or in my presence!
Daddy Bob New York, NY (212) 865-9022, not after 9:30 PM  
Experienced daddy and I enjoy being a daddy. I give bottles and baths, change wet diapers and do whatever a caring daddy would do.
Daddy John
added 4/3/2018 **
Woodstock, New Brunswick, Canada 15064779805 50 per hour diapers provided Only look after adult baby women.
Daddy Mike
added 8/6/12
St, Louis, MO (618) 204-9534 $50 hourly. Experienced AB caregiver. Let me take care of all your baby needs.
Dazzling Bunny
added 10/22/2017 **
Accokeek, MD 20607 (close to Waldorf, Ft. Washington, or Indian Head, MD) (202) 852-3737 (easy for baby to remember) $40-$50/hr
Currently services are only offered online. As I get to know baby and we both are comfortable, there could be some face to face for additional fees. Service will be offered through Skpe.
added 6/7/2008
Western Michigan, USA N/A $150/hour
Lactating mommy for nursing Babies . . . I will diaper, dress, cuddle you, and for hungry babies, breastfeed as well. Willing to travel in the SW Michigan area.
Ed David Clinton Township, MI 810-226-0673 anytime    
Eugene L Barry Jr Middletown, NY (914) 342-2059 after 7pm $30 per hour, $150 per day, No weekend service available, gay/straight okay, non-professional, male sitter, no AB furnishings
Eve Harrison Marina Del Rey, CA (310) 827-4518 9am-3pm PST   flexible day and weekend rates, female sitter, gay/straight okay, professional, some AB furnishings
John Talon Cincinnati, Ohio (OH_KY_IN) Rate negotiable. In your house Babysitting for little girls
Kelly Calgary, Alberta, Canada $50/hour, overnights and weekends negotiable Babysitting services in your house. Travel for weekend babysitting negotiable.
Loving firm Mommy Houston, Texas $200.00 up to three hours ....overnights possible other Mommy time/babysitting time negotiable Very loving yet firm Mommy/Nanny will provide Diaper changes, discipline, bubble baths, toys, playtime games, bottle feeding, snack time, breast nurturing, storytime, bedtime lullabies and lots and lots of nurturing.
Lynn Juozilaitis Bolingbrook, IL 693 459-4510
9AM until midnight CST
Mason Erle Binghamton, NY 607-296-8312 Differentiate from client to client I am a 22 year old male, who will change wet and messy diapers of little or big girls. I am usually unable to host so I will come to you. I am flexible and will drive an hour or two to see you. I am open minded, so ask for what you want.
Michael Schaumburg, IL,
(NW Burb of Chicago) $65/Hour $500/day The nursery was newly remodeled and re-opened on 8/15/03.
Miss Rae Atlanta, GA $100/hr Firm, but loving mommie......think sippy cups. coloring books, story time, cuddling, baby lotion and poweder, diapers, dressing you up to be girl you really are! Available with 24 hour prior notice. Gay/bi/straight/CD/ welcome. Will travel to AB location
Mommy Arrow
added 1/14/17 **
City: Barrie/Toronto, Province: Ont Country: Canada $50-$200 per hour depending on services requested Mommy/Nanny service for ABDL girls/boys/sissy etc. I can be your caring mommy or your stern Nanny (or a little of both). Services offered include: diaper changes, feeding, playtime, cuddles, potty training or diaper regression training, discipline, and more. I also offer a bedtime or nap time tuck in service.
Mommy B
added 2/9/14
Southeast, MI $75 per hr I will feed you, diaper you, play with you, cuddle you. You tell me, I aim to please. Baby stuff only, no adult play (you know what I mean!)
Mommy C Cromwell, CT, USA (860) 818-1739 $150 per session I have all the baby needs .diapers pull ups bottles teddy burp clothes baby dishes and spoons powder baby oil Vaseline I take temps too. I give enemas .Dirty diaper are fine ...I have lots of baby wipes . I have been a AB mommy for over 6 years babies loved it !!
Mommy Gee
added 12/17/17 **
London and Essex 07483800644 £150/hour - £250/2 hour - overnight to arrange an agree Few years of experience offering services as AB Mommy, Nanny, or Auntie. Out-calls only all around Essex and London. Professional adult baby carer. Boys or girls and sissies all catered for. Contact me from 10am to 7pm to arrange meetings. Apps require 30% upfront deposit, I provide all the baby clothes, toys, nappies (disposable only), breast feeding too. You will have a memorable session with me in ultimate pampering and baby-care.
Mommy Katherine
added 5/12/22 ****
By DFW airport, TX Online: $100 ½ hour $200/full hour

In person: $300/1 hr $500/2 hrs 3 hours plus: $200/hr.
Hello there! I am a professional ABDL Mommy, spanker of naughties, giver of hugs, positive punisher, friendly, open minded, soccer Mom next door type and the creator of “Domination For Your Own Good” videos. I am located close to the south end of DFW airport in Dallas, TX. I have been creating memorable experiences since 1999. I choose to be low key, but very versatile, enjoy helping others and the adventure of every minute of it. I fully understand the needs of littles, AB/DL’s, DL’s, diaper fetishists and those in need of maternal care and creative discipline. My sessions are FUN, relaxing and custom tailored to meet your needs. It can include wet diaper changes, hugs & cuddles, storytime, bottle feedings, baths, diaper friendly massage, role play, bondage, chastity, maternal humiliation, discreet public outings, spankings &/or medical play if desired. Currently in the process of relocating my amazing/iconic nursery (same area near DFW airport), but still available for online play dates virtually via video chat, telephone or messaging. Also, some incall sessions at my temporary location and outcall sessions near DFW airport. Weekdays between 10am-7:00pm preferred, some weekends. Communication is key! Look forward to hearing from you soon! “SweetMistressCyn” on Fetlife -
Mommy Lilly
added 12/12/21 ***
Los Angeles, CA (but willing to travel) 424-337-0621 Prices are negotiable. Hi everyone I'm Lilly I'm 26 pre-op transgender mtf and I'm a switch who lives in Los Angeles California. I'm a baby girl a puppy and a Mommy. I have baby fever like crazy but don't have any little ones of my own so adult babies are my babies. I love baby little ones I love changing their diapes giving baths feeding them picking outfits and off course dressing em up cutely! Baby boy and baby girl outfits or off someone's very naughty sissy baby outfits! I love to do different things like going to the zoo the movies or amusement parks restaurants with the little one whatever we'll both have fun doing! I also love to color together and give cuddles. I wear 24/7 even if I'm a mommy or a puppy. Sometimes I could be your sister or even your cute little puppy! I don't have a nursery just yet but I'm very very good at improvising. Shoot me a text or an email and we can discuss the price/what we wanna do together. Can't wait to see your cute little face xoxoxo. AGAIN... I am a pre-op transgender mtf. My voice is still very masculine. If that's an issue for you please do not contact me.
Mommy Nicky Jacksonville, FL. (904) 292-2665 $200 per hour Full day or weekend service not available, gay/straight okay, professional, female sitter, some AB furnishings
Mommy Zenith San Diego, CA (619)298-5844 $180 lst hour  
Mrs. Walker
added 5/2/19 **
London, UK £100 Hourly. Contact me for visits of more than five hours Sleep in a cot, Eat in a high chair with a bib, Drink from a bottle, Have a playpen, Be given a bath, Get put over mummy's knee for regular bare bottom spankings, mess your diapers and get put on the potty in front of mummy in an attempt to get out of nappies. Chastity, Anal play - strap on, inspection and prostrate.
Mummy (Nanny and Auntie available) Worldwide availability - UK based 44 7905 689081 varied Professional adult baby carers with much experience. bABies worldwide. Distance, gender and preference no object. Goys, girls and sissies all catered for. Telephone and e-mail bABycare also available 24 hours a day. The ultimate in pampering and bABycare.
Mummy Hunny Sydney Australia $200 (negotiable) Experienced, professional mummy with all the baby clothes (for AB boys and girls) toys, nappies (both cloth and disposable) and props you will need to have a memorable session with me.
Mummy Jay
added 5/12/19 **
Auckland, New Zealand $500 for 6 hours daytime session. Overnight visits start from $800 English mummy with all adult baby furniture plus BSDM dungeon, Role play, Feeding, Bathing, Cuddling, Unconditional Love, Nappy changing, Play mates. Lots of adult submission clothes and accessories. UoA, Works 20 hours/weekly, ProDomme. Limits - No Scat, Blood, Needle Play, Unrealistic Elaborations, Drugs, Alcohol and anything Illegal.
Nannie Annie
added 2/9/13
Seattle,WA Rates start at $100 per hr Traveling mommy/nanny
Nanny Abbey
added 7/2/18
Milwaukee, Green Bay, Madison WI $150 per hr Full equipped nursery. Changes wet diaper one change pre hour extra diapers are a 15 dollar fee per diaper. changes messy diapers for a 40 dollar fee. Pictures of nursery and abbey available upon request
added 10/22/2017 *
Maldon Essex £100 for 4 hours
I am a NNEB nursery nurse/matron. I offer babysitting service for male adults, I will provide TLC and change wet nappies if needed
Rocky Texas and Nationwide email for rate AB/DL Caretaker & Massage Therapy specialist working with the AB/DL community.Email for more information
Scout San Francisco, CA, USA (415) 672-6464 $40 an hour 18 years old
Sondra Mars Los Angeles, CA (323) 461-9357
M-F, 9am-5pm PST $200 per hour
$600 per day
No weekend service available, female sitter, gay/straight okay, professional, no AB furnishings
T.I. Atlanta, GA (770) 452-7181 anytime $200 per hour Full day service or weekend service not available, gay/straight okay, professional, female sitter, some AB furnishings
Tommy Teague Deland, FL (863) 447-1385   $50 per hour, $150 per day, $200 per weekend, Non-professional, gay/straight okay, professional, female sitter available, some AB furnishings
Uncle Frank Kingman, Arizona rate not listed I am experienced in babysitting and changing adults. I can travel to larger near-by cities. Available most weekends.

Phone Mommies

Phone Mommies are women who advertise on the Web that they well treat an adult client like a baby over the phone for a fee. Click on the Mommy's name to go to their websites.






Miss Erica 614-443-1696   $3.00/min. 15/min. minimum charge Visa - Mastercard - American Express
Mommie Karolyn (888) 712-0094   Rates Vary
See Website

Major credit cards are accepted
Ms. Ava Durga 954-868-3871 $2/minute

Articulate, creative, and nurturing phone mommy/auntie. I accept or Amazon gift cards.
Mummy Emma (Fetish_fantasy) 0909 973 1850 pin number 17363 £1.00 per miniute London England - in order to get through to Mummy Emma you must call the number and enter the pin and wait to be connected. please bare in mind you will have to listen to some information at the start of the call. I normally work nights but please email me if you wish to talk at a certain time.
Princess Lynne (410) 719-1566    
Phone-A-Mommy (888) 430-2010 See website, each caretaker has his or her own email address. United States and Canada are $1.99/min. All International calls are $2.99/min. (10 Minute Minimum) Discreetly billed as Madison Enterprise.

Look Baby! It's a whole nursery full of Mommies, Daddies, Aunties, Grannies and Babysitters who want to play with you.

Baby Club

Hush-a-Bye Baby Club in Kent, England

Primarily focused on male Sissy babies, Mummy Clare runs the Club. Baby food, bottled milk and diaper services are included in the fees. No email address. (Adult baby club, adult baby clothing catalogues available)

Prices at last available quote:
Approximately $110 a night ($140 for non-members), Spanking is about $7 more.


Notice: More Babysitters Needed!

Babysitters, If you want your information to be listed (or removed) sooner consider making a donation.
You get paid for your services why shouldn't I get paid as well?

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!
Donations Appreciated

The demand for local babysitters far exceeds the supply. If you are a babysitter who would like to babysit ABs, email your Babysitter name, your city and state as well as your preferred email address. If you have Adult-sized baby furnishings and an established rate, we would be happy to post that information as well. If you would like your name removed from this list you can also let us know here.

Email me with the following info at

Babysitter name:

City and State:



Your Email:


Additional Info:

Getting Started as an AB Babysitter

There is little difference in babysitting an AB or a little baby. In some ways, babysitting an AB is easier because they are too big to carry around. If you are babysitting in the AB's home, then an hourly fee of $30 to $50 dollars is acceptable. Higher fees may be charged for babysitters who have complete nurseries with adult-sized furnishings as well as AB clothing and diapers. It is essential, however, to establish the ground rules and the needs of the baby from the inception of the agreement to babysit an adult. This document is meant as a guideline for babysitters to establish the initial contract between the adult baby and the babysitter. If you don't permit messy diapers, then this is the place to indicate your limits. Use the Save function of your browser to save this as an html or text document. Then you can edit it for email or Webposting purposes.

Sample Babysitting Form

Baby's Legal Name_______________________________________________



Physiological Gender_______Age_____Height_____(Inches or cm) Weight______(Lbs or kgs)

Email address___________________________________

Your sexual preference: Are you straight?___Gay?___Bisexual?___

Your Babysitter Sex/Role Preference

Mommy___Daddy___Big Sister___Big Brother___Female Babysitter___ Male Babysitter___Friend___

Your Baby Role

Your Baby Name______________________Your assumed gender________

Your assumed age role while you are being babysat

Infant(Newborn to nine months)____ Baby (nine to twelve months)____

Toddler (Twelve months to Two Years)___

Preschool (Two years to four years)____Kindergarten (Five to Six years)___

Pre-adolescent (Seven to eight years)____ Adolescent (Nine to Twelve years)____

Teenage (Thirteen to Eighteen years)___

Your behavior while you are being babysat

Are you a demanding baby?___A sissy baby?___A submissive baby?___ A whinny baby?___Outgoing?___Shy?___Fearful?___Clinging?___Helpless?___Introspective?____Do you suck your thumb?____ Do you need to cry?___ Do you need a pacifier?____ Do you need cuddling?___

Your baby personality

Are you Playful?____Silly?____Fun?___Helpful?___Fearful?____


Do you need to take naps?___If "yes" to naps, what time(s)__________________________


Your Potty Needs

Do you need diapers?____Always?____Occasionally?____Frequently?___

Do you wet your diapers?___Mess them?___Both?___

Are you dry during the day?___Dry at night?___

Do you have frequent "potty accidents"?____

If "yes" to accidents, are they Wet?___Messy?___or Both?___

Do you wear training pants?___ If "yes". During day?___, During nigh?t____

Have occasional accidents in big boy undies or soil/wet them frequently?___

Other potty needs______________________________________

Your Feeding Needs

Do you need a baby bottle or tippy cup?______________

Do you drink Baby Formula?___Fruit Juices?___Fresh Goat's Milk?___Water?___Other?___

If you have selected Baby Formula, which brand is your favorite?________________________

If you have selected Fruit Juices, which are your favorites?________________________

If you have selected Other, which are your favorites?________________________

Alcoholic Drinks: Kaluha Chocolate Milk___Mama Jenn's Special Formula___

Do you eat baby food?____Do you eat First Foods?___Second Foods? ___OrJunior (Todder) Foods?____

If yes" to baby food please indicate your favorite brand. Heinz?___Gerber?____

Do you eat baby Dinners?___Vegetables?___Fruits?___Deserts?____

What are your favorite baby foods?______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Do you eat big people food?___Do you need a baby bib at a restaurant?___

Do you have a favorite fast-food restaurant?___If "yes" what is the name of the restaurant?______________________________________________

Would you like to be brought to the restaurant by your babysitter?___Or would you rather accompany him or her in the backseat of the car to the take-out window and eat it later?___

Do you need to be spoon-fed?___Can you feed yourself?___

Do you have other feeding needs?__________________________________________

Your Clothing/Dressing Needs

Do you have any special clothing needs?______________________________________________

Do you have any special baby clothing that you would like to bring to the babysitting session?___

If "yes", then describe the clothing_____________________________________________________

Do you need to be dressed and undressed?___Can you dress yourself?___

Can you put on and tie your shoes?___

Do you have other deessing needs?__________________________________________


Do you need a playpen?____Do you play with baby toys?___Toddler Toys?___

Do you have your own favorite toys to bring to the babysitting session?______

Do you like watching Cartoons?____What is the name of your favorite cartoon(s)?_________________________________________________________

Do you have other TV favorites?__________________________________

Public Outings as a Baby

Never___Sometimes___Frequently___Discreetly___Open___Any Thing Goes_______

Dressed as an infant/baby___Dressed as toddler___Dressed as a little boy or girl____



None__Hand Slapping___Scolding___Spanking___Time outs/Corner Time___Early bedtime/naps___Enemas___Laxatives___Soap washings of dirty mouth___


Your Health needs

Are you a diabetic?___Are you insulin dependent?___Are you epileptic?__if "yes", do you have Grand Mal seizures?___Do you have a heart condition?___Do you need nitroglycerine on occasion?___Do you have any medication(s) that a babysitter should administer on an hourly or daily basis?___

If "yes" to the above question, please describe the medication(s) and how often it (or they) needs to be administered________________________________________________________________________

Do you wear dentures?___

Do you wear contacts?___

Do you wear either of the above or a special medical appliance that you need when you are roleplaying a baby?___

Do you have moderate to severe sleep apnea?___If "yes", do you have and use a Bipap machine every night?___

Do you need oxygen in addition to the Bipap machine?___

Is your oxygen supply and your Bipap machine) transportable so you can safely take naps?___

Are you wheelchair-bound and need special assistance in getting through a standard household doorway?___

In the Event of a Medical Emergency

In case of a medical emergency, the following information will be necessary:

The emergency contact's name___________________________________________________

What is the emergency contact's relationship to you? Is the person a spouse?___ Mommy?___Daddy?___Big Sister?___Big Brother?___Female Babysitter?___ Male Babysitter?___Friend?___

Does the person know that you are an AB/DL?___Is the emergency contact aware that you will be attending a babysitting session?___Should the babysitter assist you with concealing your babysitting session?___Should he or she redress you in your "Street Clothes" if it becomes necessary to call an ambulance?___


State_____________Zip______________Home Phone_____________________________

Business Phone____________________________Pager:____________________________

Email address_____________________________Fax number________________________

If you are severely disabled and/or may occasionally require the medical assistance of your physician of record, please indicate your physician's data below.


State_____________Zip______________Home Phone_____________________________

Business Phone____________________________Pager:____________________________

Email address_____________________________Fax number________________________

Arrival information

Arrival Date____________________

Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)__________

Pick Baby up at:_______________________

Bus Information____________ ______Bus Station__________

Airport ___________ Flight NO________

Car travel: Baby's car____ rental car_____

Train Information_________________Train Station__________

Hotel Address__________________________

Hotel Phone____________________________