How to Alter and Design Patterns for Adult Babies with Resources for Custom and Off-the-Shelf Clothing for ABs.


General Advice:

If you are going to attempt to sew a baby style for an adult, first purchase an adjustable dress form or create one using a kit or plaster-of-Paris or model one with paper-mache strips so you can make final adjustments on your Adult Baby's garb without having him or her stand in front of you while you pin and re-pin the garment sections for a perfect fit. Baby's are inherently impatient and have a very short attention span. Make a dress model first to make your baby happier and your work easier!


Convertible Commercial Patterns:

McCalls pattern number 2950 in misses, men's and teen boys sizes (one pattern) for a nightshift, pajama, tops, pajama pants or shorts, night hat and booties. The pattern can be easily converted to make onesies or toddler's style nightwear in adult sizes. The bootie pattern that accompanies it makes this pattern an exceptional value for ABs. Rating: Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø

Simplicity pattern number 7487 Girl's Dress for sizes AA (7-8-10) and BB (12-14) might fit a small man with some alteration. The pattern is a retro 50's pattern with perfectly darling puffed sleeves and waist. I would alter this pattern by proportionally shortening the bodice pieces to bring the waistline up the "Empire" style (The "Empire" waistline is at the midsection of the torso, just below the base of the sternum, which is at the immediate bottom of the boney place where all the ribs come together in the center of the chest instead of the traditional waistline.) and shortening the length of the overall dress so that the bottom hem of the dress is just below (approximately one inch) the furthest distention of Cuddly's thickest diaper when covered by his plastic panties and/or a diaper cover. This would ensure that his diapers or panties would be seen if he bent over either forwards or backwards in the slightest degree. The addition of a multiple-layered crinoline petticoat would make an adorable toddler's babydoll dress. Problems: Not adult-sized and alterations would be required. Rating: Ø Ø Ø

Simplicity pattern number 8093, for sizes NN (8-10 & 12-14) girl's and child's nightgown, robe and large and short pajamas could be altered for a small man. This particular pattern includes a pattern for ruffled panties along with an extremely cute toddler-style baby girl's nightie in a Girl's sizes 12-14.

Problems: Not adult-sized and alterations would be required. Rating: Ø Ø Ø

Hancock pattern number 2704 Sizes: Children's sizes XS(4-5), S(6), M(7-8), L(10), XL(12-14) These blanket sleepers and jumpsuits are designed for stretch knits only. I suggest fabrics such as flame-retardant blanket fleece, sweatshirt fleece, polarfleece®, double knit, velour and textured knits. The boys' and girls' sleeper and jumpsuit have a zipper front, raglan sleeves and ribbing cuffs. View A has feet with gripper fabric and a ribbing neckband. View B has a hood with elastic and ribbing leg cuffs. Problems: Not adult-sized and alterations would be required for zippers or snaps for diaper changes, but might fit a small male size 14. Rating: Ø Ø Ø

Hancock pattern number 2331 Adult Sizes: XS-S-M-L-XL These overalls are designed for woven fabrics. I suggest denim (especially), twill, corduroy, poplin, gabardine, chino, cotton, cotton types or linen. The unisex oversized bib overalls have a fly zipper, side pockets, a bib pocket, shoulder straps with buckles, side openings with button closures and back pockets. View A has a side patch pocket on the right back and hammer loop on the left back. Problems: Alterations would be required for snaps for diaper changes, but the pattern is perfect for shortalls rompers in an adult size. The front zipper easily could be eliminated for a more toddler look. Rating: Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø

Free Knitted Slipper patterns (in a child's style) in men's and women's sizes are available at:

Free Teddy Bear Patterns are available at:


Pattern Alteration and Design:

There are three methods of pattern alteration; slash and spread, pivot and slide and the seam method. There are a plethora of sites that advertise courses in these pattern alteration methods and pattern design techniques, although none of them were free. Some of them are commercial, but most of them are course catalogs from local Colleges and Universities. A search using or using search words of "clothing pattern alteration" with your area included might help you find a course being given in your area. There is however, a Web-based magazine for sewing and sewing alterations as well as a number of books that would help someone learn the basics of pattern alteration.

The Online Sewing Magazine is found at:

A subscription to the Web magazine area is free, but there is a $29.95 fee for one year for Sandra's latest sewing advice. The area for reader's questions can be found at:



"Fitting and Pattern Alteration: A Multi-Method Approach" can be found at:

"Fitting Solutions: Pattern-Altering Tips for Garments that Fit" can be found at:

I am unsure of the patterns on this Website, although it has patterns for heirloom patterns. Certainly their books deserves a serious look for a seamstress. Three books in particular deserve mention. The prices quoted may be in Canadian dollars although they have both a Canadian and United States contacts. Their Website is at:

By Kathy Illian
This one of a kind book helps you streamline the pattern fitting process. Step by Step photos and illustrations show you how to create a Bodymap by draping gingham on the body, pinning out excess fabric where needed, and marking the bodyís landmarks on it. Kathy provides instructions for creating a base pattern and discussions the most commonly misunderstood elements of proper fit. Body mapping can show you how to get the fit you deserve. GB-0 32.95

By Ruth Oblander/Joan Anderson
It has been said that sewing patterns fit only 10 percent of the public. That is because people donít come in standard sizes. If you are one of the 90 percent who have problems with standard patterns, this is the book for you. The SewFit Method of pivot and slide was developed to help sewers solve fitting problems regardless of the body shape or size. From sloping shoulders, broad back, dowagers hump and large derriere or knock knees, every figure variation is dealt with in these 530 pages!
GB-077 49.95

By Gale Grigg Hazen
Gale Grigg Hazen has had a long and distinguished career in the sewing business, but her main focus has been on fit. And no wonder, her figure, by her own admission is a "difficult" one, yet she always looks good. Learn the principles of making your own body "croquis" and then using it to fit commercial patterns so that they will fit every time. A great resource for those who fit others or who have difficulty fitting themselves.
GB-079 41.95


"Pattern Fitting For The Truly Terrified" 90 minute video, taped live, which covers all the areas of changing a pattern. It is done with humor and it takes a "no big deal approach" to pattern alteration. The cost is $24.95. It can be found at:

"YOU CAN MAKE IT: Seven Level Program" Seven two to three hour video tapes with complete instructions on how to create your own designs or modify patterns.


Custom Clothing Design Software:

The makers of Dress Shop 3.0 and Pattern Master have said specifically in response to queries from me that their software cannot handle upscaling baby patterns to adult size.

However, a product named the "True CAD Pattern Editor" ( will, according to the company, be able to convert a baby pattern to an adult size It is a very expensive commercial program which can digitize a baby pattern, upscale and automatically add ease to any pattern to any body shape or size.

The most expensive version of the program ($1500 Australian) will allow you to take a previously saved baby pattern and enter new measurements to have a perfectly fitted pattern for any size or need.

Since purchasing this program requires a considerable investment, I suggest that some entrepreneur with experience in sewing may consider purchasing the program and offering custom AB patterns (or custom patterns for anyone) as a Web-based business. All other purveyors of AB clothing seem to be talented seamstresses who are able to make the changes on their own. This is a market niche that seems to be unfilled. This doesn't apply to just adult babies, but to people in general. An investment of approximately $7000 would make a perfect opportunity for an entrepreneur for a Web-based home business, which would require software, a digitizer, a large freestanding plotter for producing custom tissue patterns and a Webpage.

If there is an AB with a talent for sewing or a mommy with sewing knowledge and talents this could be a worldwide moneymaker for work at home. If you purchase a good language translation program, your adapted or custom-fitted patterns could be marketed internationally. This could be a real moneymaker! Anyone who is willing to make the investment to start this business for ABs should look at Kwik Sew's Sewing for Baby - Kerstin Martensson ISBN: 0-913212-13-X, 95 This book has a collection of patterns for a baby which could be digitized and resized for adult wear. This book can be found at:


Custom Sewing Services:

(Listed alphabetically)

B&B Emporium at: Adult newborn, infants, & toddlers are welcomed to "Mommy Barbie's" BIG BABY WORLD! They have a new Adult Baby Catalog for $5 Canadian which is refundable on the first order. The pictures on their Webpage indicate that they are willing to make dresses, panties, rompers, etc. or whatever your baby heart desires. Email:

"Clothing For The Physically Challenged" is at:

They design, sew and sell adaptive clothing for the special needs of the physically challenged person and should be willing and able to make baby clothes in adult sizes.

MizTrish Adult Baby Clothing at Email questions to either or Panties, onesies, (and though it's off the subject), adult-sized cribs and high chairs! (Adult Baby playpens are coming soon!) Large babies who need clothing larger than off-the-shelf items should contact Trish.


Adult Baby Off-the-Shelf Clothing Resources:

(Listed alphabetically)

Big Baby Wear at: UK company with British styles that serve the sissy baby market. Mud Pie Range (inexpensive but quality clothing); Stretch cotton body suit with snap fastenings under crotch-very soft,(It's great to wear under street clothes), bonnets (can be made in Teddy print, peach satin, pink Gingham, Broderie-Anglais), pink cotton dress & bonnet, Teddy print polyester dress and bonnet, onesie with snaps at crotch; lightweight in a pale pink. Their more expensive line has party and day Dresses, party and day Bonnets, mittens and booties, bibs and accessories, baby grows and bodysuits, and panties and bloomers. Email at:

Diaper Pail Friends at has blanket sleepers (small and medium only), a wide variety of plastic pants in different styles and sizes, trainers, baby T-shirts, long sleeve baby T-shirts, short sleeve baby body suits, long sleeve baby body suit, crawlers (for sleep and play), coveralls (for sleep and play), Knit pants, footed sleepers, snap-fronted rompers, shortall bib rompers, toddler overalls, Sunsuits, Baby Dresses, rompers with a s0nap crotch, and toddler boxer shorts in sizes S-XXL. They also carry a large selection of diapers.

DiaperStation at: Diapers, plastic pants, onesies, personalized baby bibs, loony-tunes diaper pins, (Also coming soon, Cribs, High Chairs, baby Clothes, Adult Sized Diaper Bags, Pacifiers, Baby Bottles, Changing Pads, Nursery Print Plastic Pants and more.)

Jumping Jammers at has blanket sleepers in adult sizes. (As far as known, not AB aware.)

Life Styles Emporium at has panties in a number of styles and sizes, as well as round and lap-shouldered onesies, bibs, trainers, booties. They also carry a large selection of diapers.

MizTrish Adult Baby Clothing at email questions to either or Panties, onesies, (and though it's off the subject), very nice looking adult-sized cribs and high chairs! (Adult Baby playpens are coming soon!)