Adult Baby Party Games


A variation on the Diapering the Baby game Blindfold the caregivers before they change their babyís diapers as if they were changing their baby in the dark or half-awake. Disposable diapers have a real "edge" in this version of the game since mishandled baby pins can hurt if mommy isnít careful with her technique!

Baby bottle ring toss Line up some baby bottles in a triangular "bowling pins" formation (stick the bottom of each bottle to a flat cookie sheet with double-sided foam tape) Place an index card with a score number (1-9) marked on the card with a magic marker into each baby bottle so that the score shows. Each baby gets three hoops (three inexpensive, identical teething rings from the $1 store) to try toss around the top of the baby bottles. The baby with the highest score wins.

Baby Food Taste Test- Number the bottoms of a dozen different jars baby food desserts with a wax pencil or crayon before removing the labels (number the labels to match). Hand out plastic spoons and allow your guests try to guess the flavors or names of the desserts. Whoever makes the most correct identifications wins the game. (The available lists of desserts is fairly large, the two manufacturers that sell the most baby foods are Gerber and Heinz (Kosher). Desserts available from them include; (Gerber) Banana Apple Dessert, Banana Yogurt Dessert, Cherry Vanilla Pudding, Dutch Apple Dessert, Fruit Medley Dessert, Hawaiian Delight Dessert, Mixed Fruit Yogurt, Dessert Peach Cobbler, Vanilla Custard Pudding or (Heinz) Apricot Dessert, Banana Dessert, Blueberry Dessert, Fruit Salad Dessert, Plum Dessert, Strawberry Dessert, Tutti Fruitti Dessert, Peach Dessert, Custard, Banana Graham Pie, Bumbleberry Pie, or Traditional Rice Pudding.)

Baby hot potato Set a kitchen (or hourglass) timer for a few minutes or so without looking, and pass a baby doll around the room. When the timer goes off you could say that it's the baby crying or the baby messed it's diaper, and that person is out. Remember not to mistreat the baby!

Baby Item game- Take a large cookie sheet (preferably with a rim around the edge) and scatter as many different baby items such as, different colored diaper pins, a nipple, teething rings and toys, a small baby bottle, a baby book, a pacifier, rattles, small containers (one each) of baby powder, baby oil, baby bath, baby lotion, baby shampoo, etc. Cover the cookie sheet with an adult diaper. Uncover the tray for a short time (Allow 2 seconds for each item and total the number to get the viewing period) then recover the tray with the adult diaper. Whoever remembers the greatest number of baby items wins the game. Of course, the greater the number of objects, the bigger the challenge! This game can be combined with the "Donít say Baby!" game (initiated earlier in the party) for hilarious results.

Baby Logo Guess Purchase a number of old and battered parenting and baby magazines from a large thrift store for a song and thumb through them for baby product logos, then cut them out. (Of course, donít cut out the product names!). Glue or tape the logos to a large piece of poster board. The winner is the baby who can recognize the most baby logos.

Baby Photo Identification- Ask each guest bring a picture of themselves when they were a "little" baby and set them out on the table next to the guest book. Later during the party, have the guests try to match the pictures of the "little" babies to the "big" babies that they later became. This is wonderful "icebreaker" for ABís who have just met!

Bobbing for Binkies This game is similar to bobbing for apples at Halloween (Samhain). Purchase some $1 store pacifiers for this game. (Wash them thoroughly before the party.)

Candy Poop Make some small felt diapers (see the party ideas section) and add a few pieces of chocolate candy, and zap them in the microwave for 10-20 seconds (or until the chocolate melts) to resemble a poopie. (Warmed, rolled-out, tiny "sausages" of Tootsie Roll can make something that looks remarkably like an older babyís "end" product, while the appearance of a melted Reeseís piece has itís own place in babyhood. Nestleís Crisp bar and a Hersheyís Chocolate bar are also good candidates.) When cool, mark each diaper with a number and write down which candy was used to make which type of diaper. Next, have your guests try to guess which brand of candy was used to make the poop. The baby who can make the most correct guesses wins the game.

Don't say Baby!- Get some pink, blue or yellow diaper pins and give one to each guest. Instruct each guest not to say the word baby. The rules for the game are simple; if one guest sees another guest saying the word "baby", they can steal the other guestís diaper pin(s). Whoever has the most diaper pins at the end of the party wins.

Guess how many jelly beans are in the baby bottle To give the guests a real "challenge" use oversized baby bottles purchased from a party supply house. (DPF also sells an "adapter" to convert the threads on a large, three liter-sized, plastic soft drink bottle to take a standard baby bottle top and nipple.)

How many baby things can you think of? Have your guests write down all the baby related items that they can think of in 2-3 minutes. Whoever has the longest list wins!

How many baby words can you say? Have the babies sit and say one word of well-known babytalk (not babble) without repeating each other such as blankie, binkie, ba-ba, doggie, nite-nite, poo-poo, pee-pee, etc. If a baby canít think of a word, then he or she is eliminated. (The eliminated babies will become part of the judges who determine what is a valid baby word.) The last baby whoís still talking wins. (If you want to make the game more challenging, use a set of alphabet baby blocks to "set" the first letter of the baby word, i.e., start with "A", and if the first baby gets it with something like "Ama", then go to the next letter, such as "B". For real fun, donít use the letters "L" and "R" since babies canít make those sounds.)

How many words can you make out of the words- ADULT BABY? Variations; substitute "INFANTILIST" or "AUTONEPIOPHILIA" for "ADULT BABY"

Note: autonepiophilia [from Greek, autos, meaning "self" + nepon, meaning "infant" + philia, meaning, "love"] is a psychological term for the paraphilia in which psychosexual arousal and facilitation or attainment of orgasm are responsive to, and contingent on impersonating a baby in diapers and being treated as one by a real or fantasy partner. Autonepiophilia may be adjunctive to (occur with) masochistic discipline and humiliation or with fantasies in which the subject imagines he or she is a baby again under the loving parental care of a strong maternal or paternal figure. The reciprocal paraphilic condition, namely having an infantilized sexuoerotic partner, is called nepiophilia. Autonepiophilia is a synonym of the psychiatric term paraphilic infantilism and is also the synonym of the more socially correct and compassionate, as well as more commonly and generally accepted term by ABís (adult babies) of Adult Baby to describe themselves.

Lucky Duck game Have a bucket in the kitchen or bathroom full of little rubber duckies from a $1 store. Number each ducky on the bottom with a black magic marker. When any of your guests go to wash their hands, or whatever, have instructions posted for them on the door to pick a duck and bring it back in the room with them. Then have one of the babies pick a number, out of a bowl or a potty chair, and whoever has that number on their ducky wins a prize.

Mommy Knows Best! - Hand out blank 3" x 5" index cards and a pencil to each guest and their caregivers and have them write down a baby related question, such as "What do you do if your baby has a diaper rash?", then have them fold the card so that the question can't be seen and have them pass it to another guest. Then have that guest write down an answer to any baby-related problem, and pick up all the cards. Place the cards in a bowl, or for a really funny party effect, purchase an old plastic potty chair from a thrift store and place the cards in the potty bowl! Have one of the babies put his hand in the potty and mix the cards up. (This will product uproarious laughter from the other guests!) Next have the designated baby remove each card one-by-one to be read by another baby. The mismatched answers to the baby questions will be hilarious. This game has no losers and is fun for everyone.

Nursery Rhyme Game- Write down fragments of nursery rhymes or children's songs on 3" x 5" index cards and see how many of the guests can remember the endings of the songs.

Pin the diaper on the baby Get a cloth diaper and a large picture, poster or cut out of a baby glued to a piece of heavy cardboard, and play the game the same way as "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" is played. Variations include pinning the pacifier or bottle on the baby. (Cut (or print on your color printer) a color picture of a pacifier or baby bottle, then glue to a piece of light cardboard to a piece of light cardstock. Trim the picture so that the background is eliminated. Push a open diaper pin (whose pin has been spread further open than usual) through the cardstock and wrap the pin on the backside of the pacifier or baby bottle with masking tape to hold in place.

Poopy Diaper This is a silly game thatís sure to get a laugh. Buy a small package of newborn diapers and stick a folded diaper under each guestís chair with the adhesive strips on the diaper before the party. Put a tablespoon of smooth peanut butter in the nether region (the back part) of one of the baby diapers to look like baby poop, then fold over and attach to the bottom of a chair like the other diapers. At some point in during the party when all the guests are seated, ask them to look under their chairs. One of the guests is going to get a real surprise (and a prize)! Note: This game really requires some sort of prize for the "winner", otherwise, itís merely a "questionable" practical joke.

Story-Go-Round Begin a story with, "Once upon a time there was a little baby boy named Bri-BriÖ" Then have each guest make up the next few lines of the story, before moving on to the next guest and so on. Everyone will enjoy hearing how the storyline twists and turns with a number of creators!

Watermelon Baby Buy 2 large watermelons, some magic markers, crepe or cornsilk "hair", etc. and divide your guests into two teams. Have the teams of your guests turn their watermelon into a baby! The winners are the team with the best baby.

What sort of baby item am I? Buy a package of 3" x %" index cards and make up a list of baby items. Use a magic marker to name each of the baby item on the blank side of each card, then tape the a card to the backs of your guests when they arrive. Make sure no one tells another whatís on their back! The object of the game is to be the first guest to guess what is on his or her back by asking yes or no questions of the other guests.