Mama Jenns Diaper Company Info.

Angel Fluff Diaper Company - Highly recommended for pricing and quality as well as shipping times. Extremely Privacy Conscious, and data is not shared with other companies. This is an apparently low-key, non-aggressively Christian company (from the Web message of he company president) which was not formerly believed to be AB/DL aware, but their recent offerings of clear plastic pants, rubber-like waterproof pants and pants with nursery prints, i.e., rag doll and farm animals, in several lines, as well as a description of Spring as a coil or spiral makes Mama suspicious that they are very aware of the AB/DL and Pagan market but don't want to make their AB/DL or Pagan support to become public knowledge. (Clear vinyl pants appeal to the fetish or DL group while rubber pants are particularly favored by older AB/DLs and have lost favor with most medical institutions, so the market size has diminished to a very small part of it's former magnitude.) They carry prefold cloth diapers available from XXXX-small to XXXL. They will also custom-make cloth diapers and waterproof plastic in larger sizes and ship them within 3 days! -

They also carry:

* The Concealer - a one-piece snap-crotch t-shirt to wear over diapers and overpants (in other words, a baby onesie or French romper) They are available in small to XX-Large sizes

* Pillowcases - in soft 100% cotton flannel (This is the same fabric that they use to make their diapers - (Note from Mama: These are great for heavy adult night droolers like my baby boy! Put a waterproof cover over the pillow first to protect the pillow and follow it up with one of their flannel pillow covers so that you can save your little AB's pillow.), three sizes are available: Standard King (2 pillow slips), Queen (2 pillow slips) and one to fit a bod hug pillow.

* DI-D-KLIP (r) - This quick and easy clip replaces diaper pins. Available in pink, blue, yellow, or unpainted. Good for clumsy babies who have to diaper themselves in cloth diapers on occasion, they also make expensive adult cloth diapers last longer. Highly recommended for mommy's whose babies don't insist on diaper pins.

* Diaper Pins - available in a variety of sizes and colors, i.e., $3.95 per Set of 4 standard pins (Available in Nursery Animals, Blue, Pink, and White.) They also sell blue, pink and white pins which have the old fashioned steel sliding lock head (from the 1950's), at $2.49 per as well as a set of 2 heavy gauge 2-1/4-inch solid head safety pins for $2.95 per or finally, a set of 2 giant 3-inch heavy-duty all-steel standard pins (also known as blanket pins). (Mama's note: 3" pins damage the edges of cloth diapers very quickly. Although they're sized to feel more authentic, the thread size of adult diapers is the same as baby diapers - so the fabric gets heavily damaged with each diapering with oversized pins. If you're rich, it doesn't matter, but if you're like the rest of us, use either standard diaper pins or the Di-D-Klip's (r) to secure your dipees,

* An adult-sized Diaper Pail - 54 Quart Diaper Pail (12"x14"x24"aprox.) $19.99 Each. For U.S. Customers only. (As an AB mother, what can I say, but Whoopee!)

* A Super-soft adult sized Mattress Pad: They offer a super-soft adult size mattress pad that works and is large enough for you tuck in securely at the top and bottom of the bed. A full 99 inches long and 44" / 45" wide. The material is a super soft vulcanized flannel to prevent diaper leakage seeping through to the mattress @ $39.99 each. (Mama's note: use a conventional waterproof plastic mattress covering such as a full waterproof plastic mattress cover sheet with elastic corners to tuck in the corners and pull the sections underneath the sides of the mattress underneath the pad taut! You wouldn't believe how far an AB's full bladder of pee-pee can soak!) My "little baby" has a excretory bladder capacity of 1500 ml (tested at the hospital).and he ALWAYS has some pee-pee in reserve. So plan accordingly to save your expensive mattress. (An adult-sized super large bed pad should be placed over an AB's bedsheet at night where he or she might wet to cut down on laundry too! If Molicares Ultra and Comco pants are used, you'll find a very wet diaper in the morning as well as a soggy bedpad and the baby's onesies, but the sheet should be dry. Use extra-absorbent inserts if necessary.)

Comco Inc. - Highly recommended for pricing and quality as well as shipping times. (Privacy policy unknown - but presumed to be good. You cannot order from Website.) Call 1-800- 348.8375 for information. No garish packaging. High quality reusable incontinence products at a reasonable price. Their plastic pants with a one-inch waistband and half-inch legbands are highly recommended as being one of the most leak-proof diaper covers in the industry. Reported sizing is from small to extra-large in diapers, although plastic pants may be offered in larger sizes. An established company with an extremely good record of customer service. Not AB aware company. Call for sizing and pricing brochure as well as privacy policy, none of these is listed on their Website. - Their shipping times and customer service are reputed to be excellent. Their fax number doesn't answer after business hours.. -

DPF (Diaper Pail Friends) - Highly recommended for quality, availability of odd but needed AB care items as well as excellent customer service. Extremely Privacy Conscious, plain gray wrappers with prepaid return on all orders which are marked with a simple DPF as the company along with their business address. They don't share data unless you join their club listings, which exists to provide an venue for meeting other AB's. A very sharp entreneur might purchase their latest CD or join the club to obtain mailing address data, but no privacy violation has been publicly reported as yet on USENET. Very good selection of AB stories and cloth diapers, but they do carry their own line of disposables. They carry a nice line of AB accessories as well as both girls and boys AB clothing. Sizes in diapers and clothing ranges from small to large. (Note: This the only place on the Web that Mama knows where you can order adult-sized round and orthodontic pacifiers as well as converters to adapt plastic liter bottles of soft drinks to baby or adult-sized nipples.) Their prices are relatively high, though. Fair shipping times (2 weeks) unless specialty AB clothes are ordered, then it's four to six weeks. Note: This is an AB/DL specialty company with old ties to the AB/DL community. - The owner, Mikey, is made aware of order problems or complaints and usually personally follows up on problems or complaints via email, although they have an employee in charge of resolving customer problems in a timely manner. An established company with an superb record of customer service.

Home Delivery Incontinent Supplies - Highly recommended for pricing and quality as well as shipping times. Extremely Privacy Conscious, Their products are delivered in a plain brown box. The plain, discreet box gives absolutely no indication of what's inside and is marked only with the name "HDIS". They even have a "Personalized Delivery Plan" to automatically ship diapers on a customer defined basis with a 5% discount. They carry a huge number of disposable incontinent products at very reasonable prices. Both free and sample discount packs are available. They do carry Molicares and, unlike a certain Texas company, ship very discreetly. As far as known, they don't share data with other companies. (Mama suggests that you email them and ask if you're concerned.) Not an AB aware company Sizes range from small to extra-extra large (some items). Excellent shipping times (under a week) and customer service. -

Lifestyles Emporium - Extremely Privacy Conscious, and data is not shared with other companies. (The owner is a Licensed Vocational Nurse Consultant and is very aware of privacy considerations.) They are an AB/DL sympathetic company. They offer a very pretty selection of Rumbas and Phufies and the only supplier of baby booties in the United States that I know of. Sizes range from small to XXXL (some items).Good range of disposable incontinent and a complete range of AB products, fair pricing, with horrible shipping times (4-6 weeks) They are a relatively new company which is still working on delivery times. The possibility of them going out of business remains high because of their slow shipping times. It is generally hoped by the AB community that this business will survive.-